Sunday, March 16, 2008

2 more days to freedom

finally! my itinerary is completed.

19th wed - arrive at tokyo check in hotel and proceed to bookstore

20th thur - holiday in japan, so better to stay in town than to visit tourist spost (and kweh sio with thousands of people). plan is to visit one cat cafe in 吉祥寺 and spend time in the town (maybe can get to pet resident cats?)

21st fri holiday in singapore - will go to kamakura 鎌倉 where there is a very big budda statue. will also drop by 江ノ島. heard there are many stray cats there!

22nd sat - will go to kawagoe 川越 also known as Little Edo. a bit touristy, but the cat 散歩 book i bought tells me there are some charming cats in this old rustic town. so...

23rd sun - will spend time in the hip towns of 自由が丘, 下北沢, do some light shopping

24th mon - early morning need to chiong to 箱根 Hakone! plan is to cover all the ropeways and cable car rides in one day, before retiring in this nice little hotel with hotspring!

25th tue - chiong to this outlet mall before making my way back to tokyo. will also change hotel to a ryokan without bathroom.

26th wed - slowly stroll around yakana

27th thur - as usual, go to ameyoko at ueno to buy pocky and other tidbits, before heading to narita airport

28th fri morning - home sweet home!


KXBC said...

Can send me the address of the cat cafe and if a trip there is worth it?

I was supposed to holiday in Tokyo now but was canceled due to work commitment. Hope to be there in May. And maybe stay in a ryokan/minshu with a resident cat (for me) and ensuite toilet (for the wife).

auntie p said...

I would have like to join you (the SO not keen on Japan) but the timing wasn't right.

Have a safe and enjoyable trip, ya? :)