Thursday, March 20, 2008

kena played out


it has been raining since i arrived. before i left, the weather was supposed to be around 15 deg.

today, i planned to go to kamakura. end up the wind was soooo strong, my umbrella almost flew away. the temperature was only 7 deg.


and because i was played out the last 2 times (weather was warmer than forecasted, hero me brought only a thin adidas jacket. the type that can use in singapore office.

die lah..

heng i passed by a closing down shop. bought a windbreaker for only 199 yen.

199!! that is less than 4 singapore dollars.

heng ah...

kamakura - all i know is wind very strong, i didnt manage to walk from one station to another. i was happy to sit in the train and monorail. haha..

tomorrow i am thinking of changing plan to spend in shibuya and shinjuku. in the shopping malls lah. haha..

cats - i think they all hibernate liao. who wants to come out in this treacherous weather??

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cat_aunty said...

Take care KSN!!!!!! It is their spring holiday also??