Tuesday, March 06, 2007

all i can say about work is...


look for job first then leave.

will be posting this every day to remind myself.

my problem is - i am a perfectionist.

i cant stand imperfection.

and i had such high expectations of a certain world-class innovative hi-tech company

but it is really a rotten fruit.

very suay to start the year like this.

must go 拜拜 already. maybe 犯太岁 or 犯小人. anyone knows? i born in year of ox.


Free Spirit said...

positive thinking, positive thinking! quickly start looking around, concentrate on getting those interviews, and stop slogging overtime (if you havent already). jia you! dont let the suay thots get you down!

Anonymous said...

me born in year of ox. this year is a tough year. will have to work work work. almanac said we should be careful not to offend boss else 'future is gone'. just hang in there.

Anonymous said...

this is a year of turbulence for those born in year of ox. Must take extra care. Go Shuang Lin Shi temple at toa payoh to pray for good luck.