Sunday, February 25, 2007

brusied bum

i need to take rollerblade lessons! between today and yesterday, i fell a total of 6 times, mostly on my right bum.

better learn to stop before i crash into a treeeeeeeee......


Free Spirit said...

if you don't fall, you will never learn how to blade lah!

just make sure buy all the guards - most impt is wrist and knee guards, elbow is optional (i have nasty scars on my elbow, but i'm still not wearing elbow guards).

knee guards - i hope you have those that totally slip AROUND the entire leg like a tube - safer. (my 1st pair was attached with 2 straps, and they came off during a skid-fall when my knees scraped against the road for 1m.)

shorts - not too short - i now wear super low-waist shorts because i had another skid-fall where my bum skidded for 1m, my shorts were 'razed' and a 5-inch diameter of my bum skin came off.

KXBC said...

When you are blading, lean forward, not backward.

Try to break fall by rolling forward like Jackie Chan. Do not fall backwards on your bum. Light injury is you'll probably dislocate/fracture your arm/wrist. Bad injury is when you injure your tailbone when your bum hits the ground. This is especially true for ladies as most think your bums can cushion the fall. It can't. Worse injury falling backwards is when your head hits the floor. So wear a helmet.

I used to blade weekly around a decade ago. Have since given up and realised that I was so shaky on the rented blades when I tried again last year.

Free Spirit said...

yah, i agree on the fall forwards thingy.

the tailbone injury is v. scary - i fell a couple of times on it and it hurt like shit and i cldnt blade for a long long while after..

there was once i was v. suay. i was cruising along and this cyclist who was learning to cycle came tottering straight on towards me. i moved to the side to let her pass, but she veered further toward me, and forced me off the pavement completely and i ended up falling backwards on bum. everything happened way too fast. cldnt fall forward. :(

kxbc, u must be a pro man....:)

kuro.shiro.neko said...

free spirit and kxbc : i can balance and go forward, but i cant seem to STOP or TURN.

also, i have issue with using the back brake. when things happen, i just panick and CRASH.. hahaha..

did i also mention slopes? once i fell on my bum cos somehow i was accelerating and instinct kicked in i leaned back thinking i could stop. and i had someone holding my hands, i still fell!

the other time, since previous fall i now scared to accelerate, on the same slope, i did not pick up momentum, half way up the slope, i rolled backwards and kissed the ground (thankfully i kneeled forward).

Free Spirit said...

if it gives u some confidence - i have never taken lessons before even tho i want to (hubb thinks i don't need!!). (i was blading weekly for 3-4 yrs, stopped for a while and only last year then got back. but lately the weather is bad all the time!!)

i chucked my back brakes - so my blades got no brakes now. can u try the T stop? mine is not a very pro-looking T-stop - but i use it to decelerate (esp when got those cyclists who cannot control their bikes!).it was when i was learning the T stop that i 'accidentally' learnt how to turn too.

about head injury - kxbc is rite. i slipped on a slope in the underpass (is that where u blade??) to East Coast, and my head hit the cement with a loud 'puck'!

kuro.shiro.neko said...

aiyoh! head injury must have hurt like hell.

my sister in law drives us to east coast to blade. even at the carpark, i have problem with very minor slope, prefer to crawl down the stairs.

free spirit, the weather was nice last sunday evening! cool and breezy... but i think for now, i prefer to go on saturday mornings. less people = less traffic = less hazard!!!

Free Spirit said...

sat mornings used to be my fav slot too - unlike most people i LOVE baking in the hot sun)

avoid the mcdonalds stretch - those kids and cyclists will drive u crazy. either you go right to the fort road stretch (v. deserted) or to the other end (sailing club and beyond). v deserted also. but make sure u empty bladder 1st!!

eh, next time u go and the weather is good there, can sms me or not? so that i can quickly go. i live in the far east lah, everytime listen to the weatherman - not accurate. sometimes by the time i get there - it's pouring. v. sianz.

kuro.shiro.neko said...

sure, email me your number pls.

The Imp said...

i switched from ice to inline skating. i crashed into trees for about 10 times before i could stop properly. i could only stop by crashing into SOMEthing!!

i had spectacular bruises.

even so, i don't dare to go fast.

KXBC said...

free spirit: I once knocked into a cyclist with his 2 dogs. I tumbled all over them. There was another time I was "chasing" after this wowowee girl blading in front of me and a long twig got lodged into my wheel and caused it to stop. I fell forward spectacularly and broke my fall but my shoulder was totally bruised. But the lucky thing is the girl didn't see me fall. Pro or not? Hahaha... I am just an amateur.

ksn: Try the T-brake. It's effective in slowing down quite quickly and you don't need to lean back. And I agree the Fort Road stretch is nicer to blade cos there are less people around.