Sunday, March 11, 2007

weekends are damn precious

kxbc was right! it's hard to survive in an industrial park without going insane (well, he didnt exactly say that, but i'm sure he was trying to warn that i would go crazy).

no atm, no watson's, no clinic, no provision shop (gotta stock up on "monthly necessities")

now, weekends are soooo precious, more cherished than gold.

i went to 四马路观音庙 today. my beautician suggested i should go and 求签 to ask the Goddess of Mercy for some 明示.

luckily i had a friend who didnt mind going with me, and showed me step by step what to do (though she couldnt answer why the stuff needed to be done the way they were. she was also following instructions from her mum and seniors bah). friend, 谢谢你了!

i was really surprised i got a 上签. i was advised to finish what i have started, that i would have benefactor to help me.

well, i can only pray this come really quickly. cos i am losing my mind, cant sleep well, cant even take a good nap.

also, thought i should get out of my mistake fast, as i am not getting any younger. employers nowadays seem to be very picky. an ex-colleague just msn me to say she has been retrenched again.

morale of story : if your job is boring but you're comfortable, dont be like me itchy backside go and look for something challenging. wait like me suffer ah!



auntie p said...

Waa...your last para is food for thought leh...I'm so bored.

kuro.shiro.neko said...

yes, auntie p, definitely need to think 3 times.

is it worth the risk (risk leaving the known for the UNKNOWN)?

as singapore welcomes influx of foreign talent who are cheaper and better (i am generalising here, based on perspective of employers), it will become harder for singaporeans to find jobs as there's more competition.

sadly i only realise this after the mistake (well, also i was unlucky to fall into this situation).

do consider carefully.

oh this wont apply of course if you are a professional. it's for the general white collars..

KXBC said...

I left a hectic job and got a new one which paid much much better and was in the CBD area. Work was easy and not really mentally challenging and I get to leave work at 6pm almost daily. However, I had no control over the numbers as the Head Office is a control freak and very risk averse in Asia. They don't understand Asia at all as they are too secluded in North American continent.

I left that job within a year and went back to my old job for a much lower pay with crazy deadlines and poor benfits. But I have control over my numbers and my bosses give a lot of free play. I am still in that job after more than a year. Maybe I am just jian ming.

kuro.shiro.neko said...

good for you kxbc. i wanted to go back to my "hao ming" old job, but they wont take me back! haha...

now looking around...

Free Spirit said...

but kuro, you are much better for the experience, i feel.

given a choice, i guess i'm one of those who prefer to have tried and failed, to having never tried at all.

now, at least, u tried, right? cuz if u hadn't, you'd probably still be twiddling thumbs in the old job, always grumbling about 'what could have been', what's out there, on the 'other side' of the grass, blah blah blah. the list goes on.

and i agree about working in an industrial park. i hate it! the only thing redeeming is that you cut costs by not shopping and buying those nice toiletries from watsons (ok, this is a girl thing)

kuro.shiro.neko said...

i agree, free spirit. now i am done experiencing, can i move on? haha...

no more manufacturing for me!

btw, you work in industrial park too?

Free Spirit said...

hahaha, i am confident you will move on to a much better place, just dont give up and keep looking, keep thinking positive too - interviewers can sense things sometimes.

btw, i thot that fruit company is not considered manufacturing??

i've changed many many jobs in my working life too - that's why i can tell u i really prefer to have tried and failed. :)

nope, i never worked in industrital park b4, but here's a list of the far-out places i have worked at:
1. changi airport (loads of shopping - but i live in THE FAR WEST and used to commit 2 hrs to work each way, the only thing that kept me going was i liked the work (like what kxbc said)
2. 'top' airline (guess which company) - near the airport - super ulu, after take bus reach airport still must take minibus across the runway to the office - commute time - 2.5 hrs, one way, and inside the compound - there is only 1 staff canteen and 1 mamashop. urgh! however, then, the company culture was so lax, like kxbc's lax job - and i ended up hounding my bosses for work everyday. needless to say, i quit both due to distance and boredom.
i kenah rejected by a job in kaki bukit once - and i am so glad becuz the trip from my place there would be much worse than the airport - not to mention the company is not even branded. but at least ur fruit company is branded mah...

kuro.shiro.neko said...

hey free spirit, seems like you like to work in the east, why dont you consider moving to the east?!?

the air is fresher... (i have been to the west, jurong island mixed with jalan boon lay cocoa smell = super toxic mutant air!)

thanks for the encouragement. i would have left if not for the stupid buy-out (2 months notice period).

i do not rule out paying back if i find a suitable offer.

fruity has no manufacturing locally, but still considered manufacturing cos still have to manage OEMs and vendors.

anyways, manufacturing or not, it is a rotten fruit.

Free Spirit said...

wa liao, u think i don't want to live in the east meh? :)

thankfully, i dont live as far out west as boon lay - i worked in jurong island before and even went for interviews - changed my mind after i smelt the bad air and yucks food! i think it's so bad for health!

i think once u find suitable offer - paying back is worth it.

for me - over the years, i learnt taht the location of the company is very impt. (at least after the 2.5hr commute experience lah).city hall /suntec is good - but u'll spend bombs on food (i eat like a man) plus get tempted to spend, spend, spend. tg pagar is good for the cheap food n stuff. and these places allow u to meet friends very conveniently after work - a big last job was best for me- buona vista - near my place,gd and cheap food. (oh dear, now i sound like a glutton)

budak said...

industrial park is good cos save money on food and shopping... imagine work at Orchard/Downtown!! :P

kuro.shiro.neko said...

i think CBD is prob the best place to work - cheap and relatively good food, but not orchard prices.

that is, if you can stand the crowd...

also, somehow ppl in industrial parks suaku suaku one... not as bitchy as town ppl...

so if you ever talk to me and i go "huh?", you know i am so inculcated in IP!