Sunday, March 18, 2007

things happen for a reason

wanted to title this post "i am being micro-managed", but decided to be more general and thought-provocative (whatever that means).

yes, i just realised that i am being micro-managed. surprisingly, i am dealing with it rather well! for my character lah. i think if this happened in previous jobs/companies, i would have 1) complained to colleagues and close friends 2) visualize myself walking out in a very fast pace!

i did not do 1) or 2). i guess i already know i made a very bad decision to join this high profile consumer e company, so what can be worse than that?

thankully, in the last work week, i made some adjustments to ease my stress and frustration levels.

i woke up at 6.30am, reach office at 8am and left mostly at 6pm. it's hard to explain to friends and family why i had to stay late (previous weeks i left at 7.30pm).

i really dont mind working hard, but in my situation, i dont get things done even if i stay late. things are very messy in the company. many process screw ups that no one seems to care (except me), boss just shove work down my way (not considering i am totally new in the company, cant offer guidance cos she herself does not know what's going on - and she has been in the company for 13 years).

this has brought me to think hard about what i want out of my career and what i expect from the company ie. the next one.

i am more focused and motivated to look for the next job. but not desperate.

i guess things happen for a reason. if i was not thrown into this shit (or rather, i threw myself into this shit), i would not have a chance to think so hard what i want to do with my skills.

for this i am thankful, and i pray i will come out of this a better person.

some serious thoughts for a sunday, eh?...