Monday, February 19, 2007

rambling thoughts this CNY

this CNY is not an easy one.

i have been in my new company for 2 weeks now. and i have changed to my 3rd boss (and department)!

i think i am IN FOR A RIDE.

i am confused, surprised, bewildered. i am so screwed.

what i applied for, what i think i will be doing - may not be what i am doing afterall.

baaaad feeling...

morale of story : no matter how good an apple looks on the outside, you'd never know how rotten it is on the inside until you've taken a bite!



Free Spirit said...

[horrified look] this does not sound good!!! please keep looking out..pls take care and always trust your instincts!!!

CatDonna & Cats said...

Oh dear. This is not good.

It sounds like you already know how things are going to turn out.

Like free spirit says, keep looking out; if you're sure about your gut feel and what you observe, it's better to jump ship as early as possible.

All best.

KXBC said...

Best thing would be to speak to HR about this and get the reasons why you had been pushed around 3 depts in 2 weeks. You will need to re-evaluate if this can be a longer term job. There are good and bad things about big companies, similar to smaller outfits.

The Imp said...

wah. it's quite a major thing. do they even know what they want?!

jiyujin said...

Cruel reality reveals only when you've had your hands in it. No matter how glittering outside is, there's no guarantee that inside is the same.