Thursday, February 01, 2007

slimming program comes to an end

today i went for the last of slimming program.

end result after 3 weeks :
- weight loss of 2.5kg
- fat mass loss of 2.2kg
- inch loss of average 1.5 inches overall (hips, thighs and tummy)
- better bowel movement
- cellulite reduction (not visibly dimpled unless stretched)
- smaller appetite
- no craving for 扣肉 anymore!

in summary, i'd never want to step into a slimming centre ever again. the hot fat burn cream and cold menthol wrap were not pleasant. money would be better spent on spa and massages!


san said...

Congratulations ksn. But it seems to work. You have a lost all that fat mass. So I guess you won't recommend the programme then. :))

kuro.shiro.neko said...

hi san, yes, i wont recommend the program unless you're really overweight and flabby all over.

the weight loss cost per kg for me doesnt justify. but it helped my colleague who was overweight. she lost 5kg!

if you're border-line case like me (with problem areas like thighs, hips and tummy), can combine exercise with right diet and perhaps otc firming cream, fat burn cream, etc. definitely cheaper than slimming centre's!