Tuesday, July 18, 2006

lavender and cat discovery tour

day 1 drag self out of bed at 3am to take crammed flight to tokyo.
arrive at 2pm, check in, head out to roppongi hills

day 2 asakusa 浅草, jimbocho 神保町 (book town), yanaka 谷中(cat town)
these are all cat-residing areas, according to my book
originally planned to go to ghibli museum but tickets are sold out

day 3 take train to sapporo. reach at 7pm, eat ramen!

day 4 day-trip to either asahikawa 旭川 or 層雲峡 sounkyo

day 5 land of lavender - furano 富良野 and 美瑛 biei
we will be staying at a small family-operated inn. as you can see, not much about the inn is stated on the website, so we're really taking a leap of faith, because of the cute cat!

day 6 hope we dont suffer from lavender overdose, anyway we head back to sapporo at night, back to land of ramen!

day 7 depending on our mood, may go to shiroikoibito's factory to learn to make yummy cookies!

day 8 probably try to find some cats in sapporo

day 9 at noon, take a train back to tokyo, reach at 10pm

day 10 jiugaoka自由が丘、daikanyama代官山、 shibuya渋谷 for shopping at small shops and for cat stuff too!

day 11 mitaka三鷹 for ghibli museum, kichijoji吉祥寺, koenji高円寺 and shimokitazawa下北沢 for barang2 and cat stuff shopping

day 12 coboypb and i have decided that if we have no lack of cat companionship during our trip, then we will do a daytrip to one of the mt fuji area lakes, if not, we will head to catland

day 13 depending on our fruitful/less shopping and adventure, this day is planned for tsukiji築地, ningyocho人形町 and odaibaお台場. for tsukiji, it's the largest fish market in japan. there are plans to shift the market to another site and close down tsukiji.

coboypb, be prepared to wake up at 6am in the morning!

day 14 do last minute omiyage shopping at ameyokochoアメ横町 / ueno上野, and head back to singapore


Ole' Wolvie said...

2 weeks in Japan?


If I remembered correctly, there is a store in Asahikawa that's very well known for its glasswork.

Pretty, and expensive...

kuro.shiro.neko said...

hey ole' wolvie, i gather that you have been to asahikawa. can u advise if asahikawa is all worthwhile to visit? i think we can skip the glasswork and stuff, like you said, pretty but expensive.

if nothing to see, then we'll head straight to sounkyo, probably stay one night in the onsen street (now we're booked for one night in asahikawa).

san said...

wah..it seems your trip to japan is only to see the cats..and of cos shoping lah..for cats stuff..hee

kuro.shiro.neko said...

dear san, well, yes, cos japan is the land of cats. but seriously, also to eat the good food, breathe the fresh air (in hokkaido only, not tokyo), and practise my japanese!

trust me, it's quite hard to find a travel partner who has similar interests in cats. i know for sure the man wont be interested =_=

so for that, coboypb : muak2!

cat_aunty said...

Wow, sounds like an exciting fun-filled neko-filled Japanese adventure!

Have fun, hope you find the cats!

coboypb said...

Muak to you too for planning such a nice itinery!

KXBC said...

Wah! Very packed schedule.

Not sure about Asahikawa but Sounkyo can be quite boring. But it's pretty and also a bit wild at the same time.

Furano is a bit dead at night but I am sure you won't notice after the sumptuous dinner and maybe some playtime with the tuxedo kitty.

bam said...

wow, I love lavendar, remind me coboypb to bring some back for me! ;p And I look forward to pics pics and more pics too.

kuro.shiro.neko said...

kxbc, are you coming to the gathering this saturday? if yes, i will prepare 10 pages of questions to ask you about sounkyo!

imp said...

oooh. specific trip! you nust be an expert in and around tokyo by now!

KXBC said...

*sweat pouring down the forehead*

kxbc take pail #5 to collect sweat. :)

auntie p said...

Ehh...i thought ksn just came back from Hokkaido like yesterday?

kuro.shiro.neko said...

auntie p : yes, but that was in april and winter!

this time will be totally different feel, in summer mah...

japan is actually not that expensive, it's cheaper than europe lor!

will post my budget in the blog.