Monday, July 24, 2006

updated itinerary

due to some foreseen and unforeseen circumstances, our itinerary has been tweaked slightly, to save on one night accomodation and gain 1/2 day in tokyo.

ready? here we go again...

day 1 we arrive in narita at 2pm, take a 1 hour train to asakusa. the toyoko-inn is a little out of the way, but we get business twin room, own queen bed and own tv! also, coboypb wont have to endure my snoring. hee..

day 2 asakusa 浅草, jimbocho 神保町 (book town), yanaka 谷中(cat town)

day 3 going to take the 7am train from ueno, and reach sapporo at 5pm so that we can check out susukino for good food like genghis khan lamb or ramen

day 4 day-trip to 層雲峡 sounkyo, which according to kxbc, the waterfall is very small! we should have more than sufficient time to go for hotspring. we're spending the night at asahikawa, which will make it easier to go to tomorrow's destination

day 5 set out for furano 富良野 and 美瑛 biei at 7.30am. night at no picture ryokan with a cat

day 6 continue to tour furano and biei, before heading back to sapporo for attached bathroom and personal bed and tv! (ryokan usually has common bathroom only)

day 7 going to odori park, bake cookies, bring coboypb to famous (but over-rated) tokeidai and sapporo factory (which is really a shopping mall)

day 8 this day is open, maybe we will go back to furano, maybe make our way south down to hakodate. whatever we choose, our night will be spent on the shinkansen train

day 9 which brings us to tokyo at 10am. hey, we have gained 1/2 day from original plan!

the rest of the itinerary in tokyo is more or less the same.

counting down to 11 days!


KXBC said...

Sapporo Shopping Mall has this fabulous pet shop. Really good.

kuro.shiro.neko said...

yah, i remember you mentioned it in april. couldnt go bcos of no-interest travel partner.

but seriously, in japan they seem to like to turn old warehouses / factories into shopping malls, and call them factories, warehouses.

we're going because it's highly recommended by you. also, it will be good for coboypb to see at least one such "factory".

KXBC said...

Recommended only because it has that fabulous pet shop. Quite a few makan shops in the mall as well.

imp said...

reading through, i think i need another holiday pronto.

kuro.shiro.neko said...

imp : you just went for one! oh well, what the heck, go for another... we all deserve holidays!

mind you, holidays are hard work. all those planning. all those lavender farms/fields to choose from, dunno which one to go to!