Thursday, July 27, 2006

4 meals to 3

finally, managed to convert the gang from 4 meals a day to 3.

the cunning brood, used to meow at different people at different times of the day, resulting in them getting fed 4 times.

1) 7am - mum feeds after wake up
2) 4pm - mum feeds when they meow to demand
3) 7pm - mum feeds when they meow to demand
4) 8pm - i reach home at 7ish, 8pm, they meow to demand after i settle down (well, sometimes they dont even let me take my dinner first)

now, this is standardised to

1st feed - 7am
2nd feed - 4pm
3rd feed - 9pm


"we want to faint liao, no supper for us"


auntie p said...

Haha...greedy cats, but so smart. :)

san said...

:) sounds like Toro, always trying to get fed at all times of the day :) But now I am a little smarter than he is.