Monday, May 15, 2006

super manja chloe

hi, my name is chloe. i live with my mummy and (horrid) daddy and my 2 sisters. when we were found in a dumpster near geylang bahru by christabel, we were all very sick. my other white sister didnt survive and crossed to rainbow bridge.

we were nursed back to health, but due to allergy to some antibiotics, part of the flesh on my back was gone and my fur never grew back.

but i am happy because mummy loves me (she says i am her favourite), but i still get jealous when that orange bastard tries to "chop" mummy to himself! i dont like others to get close to mummy, so i chase them away with my claws and hisses. in fact, 2 years ago i got into trouble with daddy, and mummy had no choice but to send me to concentration camp. only until recently mummy missed me so much, she "psycho" daddy to have me back.

i have learnt my lesson and only chase that orange bastard away when daddy is not home. another one i cannot stand is that white hi-and-mighty-she-thinks-she-is-princess lilo, everytime i see her i feel like slapping her, which was what i did.

you've got to be assertive in the household, otherwise no one treats you with respect.


cat_aunty said...

she looks very well behaved

kuro.shiro.neko said...

she's a darling. just wish she'd stop bullying lilo.

san said...

So manja this one. She looks like butter wouldn't melt in her mouth. :)Your cat gym still looks very sturdy. Mine is like the Tower of Pisa. In a few months, it would be like the ruins of Pompeii :))