Friday, May 05, 2006

botak jones

last night, the other half and i ventured to amk ave 5 where botak jones opened a new outlet in dec last year.

steak and fries, oh well, as what my warehouse supervisor said, it's better than jack's place. and cheaper some more.

or to quote botak jones, damn good food at a damn good price.

other half had 400g us ribeye steak, rarely done.

i had lamb chop, a modest 200g, it was a juicy and tender cut, medium done, but i didnt quite like the fats all over my lamb chop. still the cut was a good cut, which can only be found in restaurants i think.


imp said...

haven't tried this place. i'll probably get lost finding it! but it looks soooo good. gotta try soon!

Xia_mi_mi said...

Its 1 am and I am hungry. Chanced upon you entry & could not resist eating the comp up with this pic in it..hehe

Aniwae care to be more specific about its location? WOuld love to try it lei..Thx.. =P

coboypb said...

I heard about Botak Jones and its good review. Since you like it, I must go try it one day too.

kuro.shiro.neko said...


you can find the details of menu, location on

anyway, it's amk ave 5 near to upp thomson, and in a coffeeshop right beside esso petrol station.

feeder bus no. 265 goes there. but must alight at blk 604 and walk a bit..

hope this helps!