Wednesday, May 03, 2006

look at all the cute stuff

thousands of handphone straps and knick knacks

totoro almost a national icon
they even have r-a tissue box

dream catcher merchandise


cat_aunty said...


san said...

totoro!! I wanted toro to see it but he is more interested in pawing at the mouse. tsk! I wonder why the japanese are so cat crazy. i think i will go read up on this surprising (to me) phenomena.

Zero said...


kuro.shiro.neko said...

zero, the knick knacks and totoro stuff (also licencsed ultraman stuff though not a lot) are found in little hong kong in decks (odaiba). the r-a tissue box and other weird stuff are in village vanguard (venus fort also in odaiba).

dream catcher stuff - well they are everywhere in tokyo i guess!

gachapon and toys - in akihabara of course, which you are familiar with.. hee...