Monday, May 15, 2006

my days are numbered

i just came back to the office from a 5-day break

1) wed and thurs on mc (cooped up at home and watched 大长今)
2) fri was vesak day and a public holiday
3) sat and sun, well, being themselves

amazingly, i still dont have any work piled on me! except my dotted line boss asked me to submit my and my staff's appraisal forms by this morning.

hurhurhur... how come like that? how come i am getting paid doing nothing?

well, dont envy me, cos doing nothing is boring...

the other alarming signal - my cold has surfaced again in the office (i recovered since fri). that's not good, cos it meant my body is screaming resign from this company, or i will 跟你没完没了...


1 comment:

Mr mk said...

so lucky... no piled up after 5 day break??? I hope mine is the same.... after 3 week break.... hahahaha