Wednesday, May 31, 2006

choices choices

last night, i went to a trial yoga class, not just any class, it's a H-O-T class.

i've done yoga before, but limited to hatha and pranayama only.

so, based on my presumptions, i planned to dash off after the 90-min class, and was surprised when my colleague said she needed to rest after class.

i thought, how exertive can a 90-min yoga class be?

and boy, did i eat my words after going through a hellish 90 minutes.

1) it was hot, hotter, hottest
2) i have never perspired so much in my life (not even in sauna)
3) i felt dangerously close to passing out in the middle of class
4) luckily my colleague signalled me to lie down and rest
5) thank goodness i paced myself (and found myself lying down more in corpse pose in regular intervals)
6) and i needed the rest after class man! just flopped onto the couch in the lounge

so, now i have decided to do yoga on a regular basis (but stop short at hot class).

which one should i go to? there's pure and true.

still pondering....


Cat said...

I tried hot yoga once too. I sweat buckets! Felt like I've completed the triatholon.

Zero said...

Tried hot yoga but it's too stuffy for me. And i hate getting strengers' sweat on me.

Between True and Pure, choose Pure. According to industry insiders, Pure has got more qualified teachers and the atmosphere there is much more friendlier. True Yoga is not true at all and is only out to make money. Very fake and chi-chi. I've been to True yoga using Citibank perks and was totally turned off by that place.

Actually, if you want to try no frills yoga, I'd recommend Downward Dog ( Give Ashtanga Yoga a try. You'll perspire more than you run 5km. Without a heated environment.

pilates class singapore said...

Yoga and pranayama is a great way to maintain the body with natural way. Because after finish the yoga every time we feel the relax etc.