Saturday, September 30, 2006

protecting my asset

i spent $460 and 2 hours fixing up my desktop pc on the new desk.

both $ and time well-spent.

why you may ask.

to protect the wires and cables from chewy cats, that's why!

before : all wires were exposed, and some felines just enjoy chewing on them, waiting for a chance to get electrocuted.

after : save for some visible wires below the desk, which i am going to bundle up in a minute, all assets and cats are protected!


cat_aunty said...

Oh wow, very organised, KSN!

san said...

wah. Not bad. I tried to do this and still am not all that successful. Mine can be stillso much neater but yours like very-very tidy :))

imp said...

ooh. VERY NEAT!! 2nd pix is a big difference frm 1 pix. i think u see already also happier.

KXBC said...

My desk is so messy I won't even take a photo of it.

How come your cats chew the wires? My 5 residents have never tried chewing and neither have the strays I brought home before. It must be 1 particular cat chewing and the others mimicking it.

kuro.shiro.neko said...

yes, kxbc. my cats definitely have the herd mentality..

it's as if they want us dead so they can take over the house