Sunday, September 10, 2006

farm tomita

dont be deceived by the picture. it was summer and school holiday periods in japan, the place was packed with japanese as well as overseas (hong kong and taiwan and us) visitors.

perhaps coboypb curse and swear cos i was 麻烦 in insisting to take pictures without those tourists (believe me, if you'd seen some of their horribly-coordinated fashion, you would agree with me also), but i am happy with the results.

must thank coboypb for being so patient with me. we actually NG many times cos some idiots would just suddenly move into my picture.

but worth mentioning, japanese people are very 自动 (with initiative), when they see a person posing for a picture, they will politely halt and let you complete the process. that is unlike tourists from OTHER countries, including my own.

by early august, the lavender flowers were starting to brown, but it was other flowers' turn to bloom.

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