Monday, February 13, 2006

what a fuchsia weekend

me and meow went to tanjong katong road yesterday and as the hot sun tried to burn our smooth and whitened skin, we chanced upon something authentically bollywood.

the entire cafe was screaming fuchsia

the royal falooda drink

overall, service was pleasant and drinks were fantastic (yes, even the weird looking falooda which had a tinge of bandung).

since it was a vegetarian restaurant, dawn, i would recommend this place ^-^

with a tinge of blue!

exotic shorthair kitten at a "cat stuff only" petshop on tanjong katong road.


imp said...

whoa!!!! bright!!!! heh. sounds good!

meow said...

eh, thanks for the compliment.. my skin not good lah...

Dawn said...

It does look good!