Wednesday, February 01, 2006

mother cat and kittens

i finally saw pregnant and her 2 kittens today!

i'm going to try and trap her and also the 2 kittens.

dont they look sweet? they are so playful and vibrant. i think they are both males.

i will bring them home, vaccinate them, give them lots of interaction and they are all ready to be adopted.

of course, mummy needs to be spayed.


meow said...

beautiful babies!Thanks for saving the babies!

The Imp said...

beautiful!!! the man's reading this over my shoulder. he was the first to go "sooooo cuuuuuttte!! eyes so blue and so big!!!"



CatDonna & Cats said...

Yeah they are so sweet.

Sometimes I miss having young kittens in my house... then I remember the hassle and lack of sleep... and then I'm glad I don't. heh.

All best with trapping.