Sunday, June 29, 2008


~~reported by cleo~~

on 26 june 2008, ksn quarreled with that ill-bred boss, and even banged table wor!

according to eye witnesses at the scene, ksn, boss and the 2 service managers (read : engineers) were having their weekly service meeting, when the ib boss commented that the big boss (who's due in town next week) always say the singapore team has no teamwork.

bcos ksn was very frustrated that she had to deal with the iso preps by herself (not without TEAMWORK from her young team) she blurted that the singapore team really had no teamwork.

ib boss got really upset(later ksn learnt that ib boss has always been sensitive to this teamwork thing, but i think he is just in self-denial mode), and challenged ksn what she meant by that.

ksn cited the example of when the demanding customer wanted a quote on a certain spare part, she could not get the assistance from a cetain engineer and his manager(read : lazy).

ib boss refused to listen, and started shouting and accused ksn of not communcating with the engineer and manager. there was teamwork all right, it's just she had problem n communication.

of course ksn was very angry, because she stayed back to call the US factory AT NIGHT to seek advice on the subject matter, and worse, she learnt from ib boss that she was NOT supposed to contact the factory directly. what was she supposed to do? she just wanted to get back to the demanding customer as quickly as possible.

one thing i must tell you about this ksn. she cries easily. however, it was not tears of weakness, it was tears of anger!!

so in the midst of shouting and banging table by the ib boss, ksn reciprocated by banging table and argued back, with tears of anger.

i wish i could help ksn. she really was trying to do her job. later ib boss had a one-to-one talk with her after the eventful meeting, and told her basically she had to follow his lead, or else he will make life VERY DIFFICULT for her. he even cited what he did to her predecessor.

ksn is very perplexed. she knows she is doing the right thing, yet she is penalised for that, and the real reason she thinks is the company is so slow and messy, whatever she does now will piss those lazy people off, bcos she is rocking the boat.

i noticed that this weekend, ksn never brought her laptop home. i think she has given up trying to do the right thing. afterall, if you cant beat them, join them lor.

what do you think?


Anonymous said...

I think ksn should quit. Her capability should be given to companies who know what they supposed to do. I have no respect for boss who threatens a staff because he feel threatened. The company will not be miserable but KSN will be. No point joining them because the whole team team is marking her.


kuro.shiro.neko said...

thank you for your comment, braveheart. however, i had told ksn that it is very very difficult to find such a company. i mean, i am looking at her track record lor. she looks like a job hopper already, though she did not intend to.


imp said...

is ksn in a position to make changes?

it's obvious that the leadership in this company is crap. it'll be an uphill battle to stay and hold on to your beliefs.

kuro.shiro.neko said...

hi imp, yes, ksn is in a position to make changes, but this obviously is forewarned by ib boss, who wants her to make changes nicely...

as a cat, i think it is do-able, as we always manipulate our masters (a more polite word for slaves!). however, ksn is human. she is weak... she is stubborn...