Sunday, June 15, 2008

complaint letter to fairprice

I would like to feedback on the outlet at Serangoon North Ave 1.

It is frequently out of stock for many items. For example, today at 6pm, I went to get drinks. The shelf was empty for 1) Pokka Green Tea 2) Marigold Lemon Tea 3) Marigold Apple.

The service for this outlet is also not very good. There are always cartons in the aisles during peak hours, causing bottlenecks and difficulty to get products from the shelves. If I am not wrong, this outlet was recently renovated.

Please do something about it. I am from the FMCG industry and I am aware that most retail companies including Fairprice impose a fine on suppliers who are out of stock for listed skus. Then, why arent the drinks on the shelves and the shelves are literally EMPTY.


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coboypb said...

I visited that supermarket a number of times after dinner with family and after walking one around, I usually had nothing to buy, unless I was desperate.