Thursday, June 12, 2008

long silence

i just realised i havent been blogging for almost a month!

what have i been up to?

1. coming back on saturday to clear up inventory mess in warehouse
2. working 12 hour days mon-fri
3. preparing for stupid iso re-certification. apparently no one has been complying to the processes, now all trying to 生 documents that date back 1 year ago
4. correcting staff who have been working brainlessly for the last 2-8 years!

will be heading to boston again in late july. this time i know where to shop liao, and what to get (no more coach stuff for me)

will update again SOON

1 comment:

auntie p said...

Like you've said a month ago, honeymoon period over liao loh.

ISO...that tree-killing exercise thanks.