Sunday, August 19, 2007

no need to spend $$ on slimming

slim down by 5kg in less than 4 weeks!


in the last 3 weeks, i have lost almost 5kg. thanks to working till 9pm everyday, and staff resigning on me so i can work even later.

for the record, since i held the reign of my dept, there has been 3 resignation and 1 restructured.

am i a slave driver or what? not that the resignees have ever stayed late. the one staying late is moi hor...


was pleasantly surprised i could fit into my levi's jeans once again.

no need to go shopping for new clothes liao.

1 comment:

cat_aunty said...

Well, I don't not very healthy right? I saw that you were already very slim when you took photo with that snooker guy.

Take care oh!!