Thursday, August 30, 2007

chicken pox

i have chicken pox!

spare you guys the details of my "discovery" (damn gross).

anyway, please do advise on all those what to do/eat and what not to do/eat.

will be blogging more!

ps be careful, tis chicken pox season now...


coboypb said...

I got mine when I was in Sec 2. very itchy. My mum said you could drink chestnut brewed with "tek jia" (think it's wild bamboo sugar cane or something). it's cooling and good. Try not to take food like prawns, crab, chicken. You can ask your mum or sinseh what is considered "toxic" stuff. Take care.

Stepmother said...

Can bath but do not use the shower head. Just pour warm water gently down your body.

And do not scratch it will leave a crater on your body for decades!

If you are running very high fever try "ling yang" think it cost about $10 from chinese medicial hall, I usually place it in my cup, add water and double boil for an hour. You can do this 2 times.

Well, blog, read, watch tv and catch up with beauty sleep. Good Luck!

auntie p said...

It's been too long since I had the pox (as a kid), so I can't remember, except the feverish feeling and yes, the smelly "ling yang" (goat's horn) water that I had to take. Bleh!

I think there's a kind of expensive injection for pox which can make you recover very quickly. Take care!

Kootoo | Muffin | Milo said...

wah, so "lao" liao then kena!! :P Actually I got it in my mid 20s, was quite tough cos the pox damn big. Just keep cool and dry, DO NOT pick at the scabs, practise good hygiene so as not to spread the pox to others. As for what to eat/not to eat, I personally don't buy the argument that some food eg chicken are "poisonous", or that consuming dark soy sauce will leave you with scars. Just eat in moderation lah. Take care~

cat_aunty said...

Take care. Sleep. Rest. Watch TV. Drink water.

I think, not contagious to cats lah hor??

lingcat said...

I have yet to be infected with this avian disease. Still keeping my 2 weeks leave for future use. =)

My sister got it at the beginning of this year. She seems to enjoy the extra vacation by hooking herself to computer games.

Take care!

imp said...

oh my! take care! i've not gotten it. not too sure how it'd be. but i can imagine feeling eeky! ugh.

but i'd think no seafood for you at all. maybe even no chicken???!

Canton Pixie said...

strongly advise - NO seafood. NO allergenic stuff.