Saturday, August 04, 2007

i need to pick up a 4th language

to me, cantonese is very difficult. of course, those canto serials i can understand maybe 60%.

however, business cantonese is a totally different ball game.

i dunno whether i should be proud or not - my japanese is better than my cantonese any time.

especially pronounciation. you know, some speak cantonese with a hokkien accent.

well, i am one of them :(

fortunately, i want to boast that i can sing cantonese songs without (90%) hokkien accent.

i think my new ceo is getting a kick out of hearing me speak.

and he speaks so fast... he's quite cute, by the way :-))

help, anyone? canton pixie!!!!???....


cat_aunty said...

watch more HK serial. Your cantonese will improve in leaps and bounds

Mini-Meow said...

I can't string three proper sentences in Cantonese before I break out in cold sweat but I can understand it most of the time, thanks to yes, HK serials I caught with vigour when I was younger. Heh.

Anyhow, just dropping a note to say that I had to pinch the "this is what i watch to practise nihongo" video. I loved it! My fractured nihongo helped me understood about 1% of it, but the imageries told the entire story.

Thanks for sharing! :)

imp said...

wahahahha! i think my business cantonese also cannot make it!

Canton Pixie said...

u make me laugh!! here's how i learnt my cantonese (p/s my in-laws still think i dont u/std a word, check out my profile :) ) - one of my ex-bfs was a HKger - and i used to watch HK NEWS whenever i visited. the news is really the closest to biz cantonese u can get i think. those serials that cat aunty mentioned helps. and of course, understand some slang too - like eating 'nine big ghosts'. and 'new toilet bowl'. and i have mispronounced things too - like 'shit gravy chicken' instead of 'bean paste chicken'. or i'm eating 'trash food' instead of 'mixed food'. hahaha.
re the cute ceo - make some cute mistakes lor. hahaha. 'or mm sek gong fu wah ga, lei mm ho tong or gong'

Canton Pixie said...

or use the word 'ghost' liberally. like, 'what the ghost are you doign?' 'what the ghost are you eating?'