Monday, August 07, 2006

update in land of cats

hi everyone, sorry for the long silence. you must be thinking i am enjoying in paradise. well, got some bad news for you.

1. weather here is extremely hot - as high as 33 deg c in the day
2. due to 1, cats do not come out to let coboypb and ksn seek and find and pet.
3. my lower back has a slight sprain, thanks to faulty seat on northwest airlines
4. took 10 hours to get from tokyo to sapporo , changed trains twice, the last train from hakodate to sapporo was jerky and nauseous.
5. which resulted in me suffering from a headache now as i am posting.

otherwise, heck, i am on vacation, i am with great company, food's awesome.

ps dont think i will come back here in summer. just too hot.

more later...


fusa said...

For around 5 years, Japanese summer is hotter than Singapore.
When exceeded temperature 30 degrees before, we felt hot.

For these several years, temperature has it of 34 degrees and 36 degrees.

We realize global warming.

KXBC said...

Weather in the early morning is cool and nice. You will enjoy it a lot especially when you are sitting in an outdoor onsen.

Dawn said...

Watch that back and have fun!