Sunday, August 20, 2006

mon 7 aug

we woke up at 5.30am to catch the first shinkansen to hokkaido.

we took subway to ueno where hayate no. 1 was waiting to depart at 7.04am. the hayate no.1 end stop was hachinohe (in aomori i think), and we had to change to another train tsugaru to hakodate (in hokkaido). crossed a very long underground tunnel and had to equalize my ears constantly.

at hakodate, as it was nearing lunchtime and we only had less than 10 mins to change to next train, we wanted to buy 駅弁と (train station lunchbox). i asked the guy at the bento wagon, for 2 boxes, he was rather rude and held up his hands to show a "cross" sign, signalling it was sold out. i thought he could have just replied in japanese as i spoke to him in his language. oh well. rushed to the convenience store to get 4 onigiri and drinks.

we boarded the super hotoku and reached sapporo at 5pm. the train was jerky and ventilation wasnt so good causing me to feel nauseous! the train looked old too.

after check-in, i brought coboypb to ramen republic at esta (jr sapporo station) to eat ramen.

i chose the hakodate style 塩 (salt) ramen as it was refreshingly salty but wont leave you thirsty.

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