Monday, August 21, 2006

our ryokan in furano

while waiting for dinner, we hung out with the residents.
chobi who just loved us petting him!

hello, i am a cat, what are you?

dinner is served!

breakfast was equally sumptious too. and it would not be complete without
a slice of juicy melon!

my favourite is kuro.

this is coco, he stays in the family room and on the lounge chair.


auntie p said...

Yes, more food pictures pls, a la Japan Hour. Ha!

The breakfast looks quite light hor? No wonder they are slim - small portions and healthy food.

Anonymous said...

so much fun and warmth in your pix!!

imp said...

sorry. page didn't load properly. comment above was mine.

bam said...

The dinner looks healthy! Veggies, fish, seafood and nothing looks like fried or oily.

kuro.shiro.neko said...

auntie p, the food light meh? well, i guess in terms of greasiness, it's really quite light.

but er, we are really not used to eating rice for breakfast. doesnt it look like dinner to you?

nevertheless, we gobbled up everything cos it was so yummy! (oh, but the salmon quite salty, so definitely must eat with rice)