Friday, December 26, 2008

more pictures of cateriam

tera could be in heat now, she kept rolling on the floor. btw, she's an ocicat and scottish fold mix

isnt this ponchi adorable? look at her innocent eyes!

this is dori - a ragdoll. she's rather inactive, prefer to pass her time in the basket

this is my favourite - airu, a calico maine coon. her fur is so soft, i kept molesting her! hehe..

cafe area

kaypoh cats checking out our jackets


momsbusy said...

i wish we could have cafe's like that one here in the states. looks very relaxing.

Elizabeth said...

Wow, nice cafe you got there, I almost mistook it as your house!

animalfamily said...

wonder if this idea will work in singapore?

kuro.shiro.neko said...

well, it could work here. but gods knows how much the operating cost and licensing fee will be!