Friday, December 26, 2008

long overdue!

paiseh paiseh... i had all the intention to blog on a daily basis in tokyo. alas! i had to be a babysitter cum tour guide, that the dual role drained my energy by the end of each day.

btw, i think this will be my last trip in a long time. flipping through my passport, i realised i set foot in japan 7 times in the last 5 years! also, i made 4 overseas trips in 2008, adding up to 1.5 months or 50 days! and thats not counting the short quickies like bangkok and penang

so, here comes the pictures... this time, i did not bring my trusty panasonic lumix, as the new 4gb sd card i bought could not be used in the old lumix. most pictures were taken with handphone or by travel partner.

this shinjuku shot was taken from my 31st floor room at hilton.

foreigners can no longer buy cigarettes from vending machines, as japan has implemented a control system whereby one has to tap an id card called taspo. buying from cigarette shops actually makes no difference, ie price is the same, and sometimes the pack comes with free lighter or portable ashtray, all at the same price!

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