Friday, December 26, 2008

cat cafe

more and more cat cafes are opening up in japan.

this time i went to one in 下北沢 called cateriam, opened in july 2008.

even though there were only 8 cats, i had lots of fun, and missed my babies at home.

sleeping black cat - can you see its pink tongue and white whiskers? this one is koko.

chincilla cat - even though i am not a fan of flat face, i find ponchi very cute!

and finally, tera sucking on my arm! on cateriam's website, it is written that tera likes humans wearing short sleeve tops - AHA!


coboypb said...

the cats look so adorable. This must be one of the highlights of your trip :)

kuro.shiro.neko said...

it probably is the "only" highlight of the trip... kinda bored with japan...

thinking of going to vietnam next..

Anonymous said...

The cats are so cool with strangers.

Auntie p