Friday, April 27, 2007

this company is living in stone age

i realised in the past few days, that this company is just very backward. back in the good old times, logistics always fought with sales.

hello!!!!! 时代不同了。 now it's all about winning teams, virtual teams, collaboration and fundamentally TEAMWORK.

close encounter with the old fashioned Admin Manager (AM)

Dear AM

As spoken, the desktop PC at my workstation has been removed, pending IT contractor diagnosis and solution/recommendation.

According to the IT contractor yesterday, instruction given to him was to swap a motherboard from an old PC and put into my desktop PC. But he seems to be facing difficulty and could not boot up my PC due to incompatible motherboard

AM: I hope you understand that we will usually try to use as much resources the company has before we proceed to make any purchase. For this case, since the spare motherboard is not compatible, we will definitely get a new one for you. Please refer the email from Michelle and put up the CEA form for Manjit’s approval.

The Toshiba laptop that was passed to me by Michelle, persistenly hangs when I boot up and/or use Microsoft Outlook.

AM: We are not informed till this morning when you came over and speak to me.

I will use my personal laptop for the time being, as it has been very difficult to work for the past 1+ week with constant system freeze and rebooting.

AM: As I have mentioned, you should have feedback to us earlier if the loan laptop is not properly function. As spoken, you should have come to us yesterday when our IT engineer is here so that they can look into the matter immediately. Even though they have other tasks to attend but it will be arranged according to priority…

Please expedite on getting a fully workable unit to me.

AM: Of course we will chase our IT vendor to expedite this matter.

Thanks in advance

win already lor. sent this email cos she was taking her own sweet time trying to recycle a very old motherboard.


Canton Pixie said...

be very careful. u mentioned this is an old chinese company rite? mapped out the 'secret' relationships yet? maybe the AM is connected to someone somewhere, and if she looks gossipy, u'll hv to watch out. sometimes the way to deal with these people, sicko as it may sound, is to just buy them a nice little gift (like an apple or soemthing) just to make them feel special. (in other words, sakar). and, being the AM, she can really make things difficult for u over very tiny things like stationery and laptop. not fatal - but v. irritating, and can waste u precious time.kwim?

kuro.shiro.neko said...

thanks for the headsup, canton pixie.

you are right. but unfortunately there is a limit to my tolerance. 大不了不干咯!

the last i checked, AM is not favoured by anyone of high power.

i would like to test the water myself.. hee..

auntie p said...

For the time being, 要忍.

Canton Pixie said...

go for it kuro! just rem to protect ur backside lah. one of those horror jobs i had - the PA to the CEO had HER OWN PA to assist her. and it was a GOVT org. and i had to do stupid things like wish her happy new year just so that she can give me dates for meetings with the CEO!!!