Tuesday, April 17, 2007

i need a new pc boss

as suspected, the machines in chee-na office are damn old.

and mine, according to outsourced IT guy, is at least 4 years old (inherited from predecessor).

heck, the desktop is even older than my old acer at home (i am currently using a fujitsu duo core processor - and i am already complaining).

funny thing is - my office pc hangs on me every day from 9am till lunchtime. especially microsoft outlook. open an email = reboot pc (repeat when necessary)

i dont know how to justify to my boss, but i really only want a new pc.

i even consider telling him, "why dont i bring my own laptop to work?" ie. mine is even more hi tech than yours!

any ideas? alternatively, i can just work half a day in afternoon.

i swear i didnt cause this problem!

ps. to visualize the extent of the stinginess, 80% of office still using CRT monitors. ahahaha...


auntie p said...

Tell boss that loss of pc hours translates into loss of productive man/woman hours => less productivity & less effeciency?

Anonymous said...

As long as you're happy with the job, hmm...you'll still go in smiling, right or not? :P Maybe just let your boss know, now PC also cheap in S'pore mah...

imp said...

i suppose u just need to tell him that it affects ur productivity. hang frm 9am - noon is no joke leh.

KXBC said...

Backup data, format, re-install. Maybe that will help.