Friday, December 01, 2006


i almost wanted to smack this man. and smash his vcr.

for some morbid reason, he was filming the entire funeral.

not only that, he was filming people up close and personal.

i dont like a camera in my face, especially when i am tearing and mourning.

at that moment, my anger overwhelmed my loss and sadness.

please lah, even if you dying to capture the moment, at least have some decency to respect the late's family.

whoever's idea this was to film the funeral, BAD IDEA.

"oh, what vcd shall we do today?"

"let's watch so-and-so's funeral!"



cat_aunty said...

Is that guy the deceased's friend or family member?

It is so sudden this had happened, we are also at a loss of words.

Take care

kuro.shiro.neko said...

the person who passed away is my father in law.

that guy is some golfer friend of the family.

whoever he is, he is damn insensitive!

imp said...

did someone appoint him to film?? if not, he shouldn't even film it without the family's permission.

my condolences. hope u guys are holding up okay.

san said...

Huh! What a horrid man. What does he want to do with the film? I have never heard of anyone filming a funeral- only in the cinema.

CatDonna & Cats said...

imp has a point. Unless he's been instructed to do this, he's just being very rude and stupid.

Just forget about him - really, some people are not worth the trouble.

Hope you, hubby and family are dealing with it well.

kuro.shiro.neko said...

i heard from hubby who heard from sis in law that my mil appointed him to film, which i seriously doubt. there were just too many loopholes in the story, which i wont elaborate here. i think she said it to appease me, cos i was about to lash out at his camera!

when we were walking that last walk (you know, the follow-the-casket procedure), instead of filming the WHOLE walk, he had to zoom his camera on ME.

even if he was commissioned to film, i think he was too insensitive.

next time i see him, i WILL give him a piece of my mind. you DO NOT zoom in on people's faces, especially when they are weeping!

hey, if i do get hold of that video, i will post it up here! so you'll know what i mean...

KXBC said...

You take care.