Monday, December 18, 2006


my hand has been mutilated by my sweet littel darling black kitten!

i think he freaked out due to coco the fat one started to hunt him down.

he is too timid and has not stepped out of his room by himself.

every time he tried to venture out, he is greeted by adults hanging around at the door. actually, save for coco, no one is interested in him. everyone just want to get past him and go to his food bowl!

but alas, at the rate he is warming up, i fear we may have to return him to his foster and get a more confident kitten.

comon, shadow, show the world you are a man!


KXBC said...

Can I suggest you keep him in a separate room without seeing another cat for another week or so until he becomes more confident while also having a chance to smell the other kitties from under the door? I would think it's quite intimidating for any cat to meet 5 resident cats which are probably much bigger in size.

cat_aunty said...

Oh dear, poor Shadow.

Did u see a doctor for your hand? The last time I got bitten by calico the doc said the virus may fo through the tendons at the thumb area and cause GANGRENE!!!!!

CatDonna & Cats said...

I second kxbc. Maybe Shadow needs more time.

kuro.shiro.neko said...

i dunno man... he is already isolated from the rest. but he freaks out when they want to check him out.

from the many kittens/cats i have fostered (well, not that many lah), it's not a good sign that he's hiding in the room. others will dash out of the room immediately when i open the door, or rush to the food bowl when i feed my adults.

he's not doing all these, and i do think it's his meek character. he may be better off in a single-cat household.

we would like to keep him, but we have to consider the harmony of the multi-cat household above everything else.

cat_aunty, are u serious or joking about the gangrene? i have never heard of cat bite's virus causing gangrene. i thought gangrene is a bacteria!

cat_aunty said...

Serious one lah. I bedek you for what? That was what the doctor told me! And I was like, jaw dropped also!!