Friday, June 02, 2006

2nd hot yoga experience

last night i went to pure yoga again for a 2nd hot yoga 90-min session.

the class had less than 15 persons, studio looked 60% empty.

it was a more pleasant experience than the virgin trial.

for once, i took up the middle mat in the studio, directly facing the door. on tues, our teacher said the corners of the studio were hotter (which explained my inability to cope with the heat), and that the middle, esp those mats facing the door, were cooler.

so i was very 怕输 and arrived at the club 15 mins before start time.. heehee...

also, on tues, i wore a cotton t-shirt, and my perspiration was absorbed very well into the shirt, and it felt heavy and sticky. and then my bra which was cushioned also absorbed a lot of water i expelled!

last night, i rushed to nike to get a dri fit top (bra support type). it was $51 well spent. i felt lightweight, and not booged down by the t-shirt or bra. i did not feel as hot too.

i didnt even have to drink that much water during class.

i survived, and even enjoyed my 2nd session, to my surprise!

here's kuro-shiro-neko's tips for making that hot yoga practice comfortable

1. drink lots of fluid before class (dont worry, your bladder wont burst, you will sweat it out through your skin)
2. invest in a dri-fit top (sleeveless and hi-cut if possible)
3. do arrive early and choose a mat near the door or in the middle
4. of course, complementing no.3, your mat needs to have good view of the mirror, so that you can check on your pose and alignment


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