Thursday, September 18, 2008

get well soon, lincoln

this afternoon, lincoln was admitted into Allpets Clinic.

he was having diarrhea for a week now, after accidentally licking some melted butter!

he was warded after the vet diagnosed him as being extremely dehydrated and running a fever. it could be his intestines are messed up from the butter (high fat content, which their intestines cannot breakdown).

lincoln, get well soon. we want you back (but not to irritate us).

weiwei, cleo, chloe and coco


auntie p said...

Lincoln...speedy recovery!

san said...

Get well soon Linclon.

KXBC said...

Get well, little boy.

I never knew licking butter could cause so much problem. A vet actually told me before that if a cat is constipated, letting it lick a little butter may assist in opening the tap. It worked. Maybe little Licoln licked more than he could stomach.

Will getting him to eat more wet food help in his hydration? Being hydrated via injection is no fun for the little boy.

kuro.shiro.neko said...

yes, the vet actually said it may lead to pancreatitis, ie. inflammation of the pancreas.

he is not eating, so wet food will not help. you know what it's like - humans lose appetite too when lao sai!

yeah, injection is no fun.. but i think it's may be the fastest way to be rehydrated.

cat_aunty said...

OH NO!!!! Lincoln, get well soon!!!!

Healing purrayers and furry hugs coming our way!

KXBC said...

If he needs to be hydrated fast, let him be injected. Dehydration can lead to lots of complication. Don't delay the hydration procedure.

How about warming up the wet food a little?

My gang likes the Fancy Feast Liver flavour. Even picky CC likes it. And it's quite juicy. See if little Lincoln will take to it.

I have a can of Hill's a/d for cats recovering from operations/illnesses. It is supposed to be very appetising. CC sort of grew up on this when he was a youngish kitten. You want to try? But it's very addictive though.