Friday, February 08, 2008

next year this time

i am leaving the country!

i realise it's the same old same old. though i have put up cny decorations (for the first time in my life!) did serious spring cleaning, and even bought some auspicious feng shui ornaments for the house, including my 马上封侯 for career, dragon tortoise with ru yi for overall luck, even a lucky rat and lots of gold ingots, i still find it meaningless to go visiting and give ang pows to kids i dont know at all.

only thing i am looking forward to is tomorrow's steamboat with some good friends, including a spcial guest.. hehe...

oh, did i mention that the programs on TV suck big time?

so, this time next year, i am going for a holiday!!

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meow said...

dun forget to pray to tai sui...