Monday, December 10, 2007

foster? i will manja with ksn until she adopt me as a permanent resident!


san said...

He is very cute. I notice that he has big paws. The vet says that means big kitty, like Rocket Tanaka.

cat_aunty said...

What a gorgeous kitty! And he is kneading!

auntie p said...

Lovely boy! This furry lap fellow will surely sleep with you if you allow him to. *grin*

BTW, I'm not able to view the youtube video says video no longer available?

kuro.shiro.neko said...

grrr... auntie p, dont rub it in leh... i very sad only licensed to sleep with one human. sob..

video is still there ah... try again lah.

auntie p said...

The only rubbing in I did was to make rock buns in home economics class.

ksn must fight for your right to sleep with a furry 4-legged! I had to fight for years to keep cats in my marital home, u know!

Like you've said earlier lor...sometimes regret getting married... Hmhp!