Sunday, November 04, 2007

who's the evil boss

i have a shocking and not too pleasant announcement to make.

i sacked my only staff on 1 nov.

yes, people asked, why dont you give her a chance? i am sure she could be guided. she needs the job.

blah blah and blah

well, my conscience is clear. i could sleep well at night before and afterwards.

i have given her way too many chances. i have tried the soft approach, the hard approach.

i am very glad i made this decision. especially so after sorting out her stuff afterwards (mind you, i have to do her work till new staff is found).

she has not followed up on a lot of things, even though i have spelt out very clearly in writing and verbally!

good bye, alice!


cat_aunty said...

Dear KSN, this has nothing to do with your blog lah.

Just wanna to ask if you have tried the Hokkaido ice cream stall at Takashimaya Basement Asuba (?) Sabo? If you have tried, is the flavor up to the real Japan standard??

PS: $1.30 for the note books!! It cost $2 for the folder here, but is cute lah, plus Made in Japan.....

kuro.shiro.neko said...

hi cat_aunty, u mean the azabu sabo ah. well, it's ok lah. strictly speaking, it is not up to hokkaido standard. hehe..

besides, hokkaido has authentic flavours like Lavender and Milk. Also, it's damn shiok to eat ice cream in winter!

got chance i bring you go eat ok? hehe..