Sunday, May 13, 2007


i've been in my job for a month now, and lo and behold, the 5 staff in my dept i am managing, are all older than me!

it's not easy, i have been accused of "throwing my weight around".

i also segregate the company staff into 2 camps, "new school" and "old school" (it helps me manage them better).

"old school" are all the people who still believe in hoarding information, who draw very clear (and deep) lines on depts, job and responsibility, that if the customer gave wrong part number and that caused a delay in fulfilment its the damn customer's fault.

wah piang eh, dealing with uncles and aunties is a big challenge man. and i am sure 他们吃的盐比我吃的米多。

alas they are so outdated. we are in the 21st century, and virtual team is a buzz word not a myth liao.



auntie p said...

Need to send the "old school" for some brain-washing to adapt to 21st century management concepts.

Canton Pixie said...

i can u/std ur frustration kuro!!! in the civil service - plenty!!!
but juz rem what i said lah. some of these ppl - they can't kill u but they can really act like guerrillas and make u bleed. (think vietnam war)