Thursday, October 19, 2006

special feature

we interrupt daily post to bring you a special rags-to-riches feature

(que : sorrowful violin music)

there was once a ginger white kitten, who roamed the streets and longkang in a certain part of yishun.

she braved the monsoon rain, braved the humid weather of singapore.

then comes a man (with a sexy (!) moustache).

man to woman : we need to take this kid home. she doesnt belong on the street.

woman to man : ok. you clean her litterbox, clip her nails, wash her ears, brush her coat everyday. deal!

so the man, woman, and mowgli live happily ever after (with a sore ear... but that's another story)


cat_aunty said...

And then? Story so fast finished leow??

KXBC said...

Story got head got tail but no main body leh.

Kitty looks good for cuddling. Your cat?

CatDonna & Cats said...

Tattoo, tattoo!

Why did you mention brushing her fur everyday? This kitty is short-haired what. I, umm, don't really bother too much.

Nvm wth. Tattoo!!!!

kuro.shiro.neko said...

cat_aunty, yes story finish liao. maybe if the moustache guy ill-treat her or send her to SPCA then got part ii.. but heaven forbid. hehe...

kxbc, my other half no moustache... and my dream cat is a black cat, i already have ginger...

catdonna, i think mowgli likes brushing, so that she can turn around to bite moustache man!

CatDonna & Cats said...

Hey ksn!!!

I din know we have similar cat colour preferences... I always wanted a ginger most of all, and now I've got one [Teddy] I've been dreaming of a black cat too.

Black tabbies just don't count, somehow. Sorry Boonie.

But as you would say to me "CatDonna you siao zar boh, already got seven. Enough lah."

mustachio said...

(cue music of impending shark attack, from Jaws)

Mowgli approaches stealthlike, tip of left ear spotting criss-crossed plaster.

Rubs Mustachio's leg to feign affection.

(cue music from shower scene in psycho)

In what seems like a slow motion sequence, Mowgli opens mouth wide, showing needle-like teeth, sinks fangs into aforementioned leg.

Mustachio screams like a girl.

Mowgli runs off.

(animal behaviourist KSN goes back to the drawing board)

CatDonna & Cats said...


The image of Mowgli with bandaged ear attacking a screaming Mustachio is just. Freaking. Hilarious. :)